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The case of running red lights is an undeniably serious public safety issue. Studies reveal that almost 22% of all traffic accidents in the country are caused by motorists running the red lights.




A law enforcement official, or a police, issues traffic tickets to motorists who have violated the traffic laws. Motorists can get charged for a traffic ticket for two types of violations.



A skilled red light ticket attorney can help you to explore as you refuse to pay your fine and admit your guilt. Lawyers are having good success in helping drivers to get their fines lessened.



The Importance of Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

In recent years, traffic laws have been incredibly strict and rigid that even those who follow traffic rules and feature zero traffic violations are being required to pay handsome fines due to unnecessary traffic tickets and no-fault accidents. It is true that an efficient traffic and transport system relies on law-abiding citizens, driving rules and regulations, and the implementation of infrastructure and technologies that make roads safe for everybody. All the variables change from time to time as evidenced by the sophisticated tools that traffic enforcers use to identify individuals who break traffic rules. Although there are motorists who display reckless driving and do not follow regulations, a large majority follow through the rules. There will be citations, infractions, and instances where you will need to get the help of a traffic lawyer. As much as you would like to manage these issues all by yourself, most often than not, you will need the expertise of a lawyer with experience and knowledge in solving road-related violations and cases.

A traffic attorney may not be necessary for every violation that you make while driving, but there are instances that you will need their services so you can avoid the inconvenience and the sky-high fines that traffic law enforcers seem to fine motorists.

There are three main roles that a traffic lawyer can do for you when faced with a violation or accused of being at fault in road accidents:

  • Consultation and Advisement

A traffic lawyer will listen to your side of the story. With all the information gathered, he will then analyze your legal position and enumerate pros and cons of various options that you may have to manage the case. A good traffic lawyer will not give you the best solution, but provide you with courses of action that you can choose from.  With all the sets of information given, you will most likely arrive at an informed decision –one which you think is best for your predicament. Most traffic law attorneys can offer your expert consultation in relation to traffic-related issues over the phone free of charge. If your case is more than a simple speeding ticket or beating the red light violation, you may have to seek the help of a traffic lawyer who specializes in more complicated driving-related cases.

  • Negotiate

If you have unfortunately involved yourself in a more serious case with a hefty charge, you will need the experience and the skill of a traffic lawyer in court. If you have no experience in settlements or defending oneself in court, you will need to get a traffic lawyer to assist you in negotiating with the prosecuting agency. A lawyer with years of experience under his belt feature previous relationship with the prosecution team and will be able to execute plea bargaining which in turn will be helpful in limiting the fine you may have to pay in terms of jail time or penalties.

  • Court Representative

An ordinary speeding ticket or driving-under-the –influence claim may cause you to lose your license. Suspension of license is very much possible if you have multiple violations under your name. You will need a more effective defense in front of the court. Although you may have the courage to muster on your own, you will need a strategy on how to defend yourself to expedite the process. An experienced lawyer will be more than able to formulate a more effective presentation at a suspension hearing. If you want your version of the story clearly presented, in order for the court focus its attention to significant details, you will need the skills of a traffic lawyer to influence the decision yin your favor.

There are generally two types of lawyers that you can seek legal assistance from:

  • Public Defenders

If you do not have the budget to hire a traffic lawyer, you are given the right to request the assistance of a court-appointed attorney. This is applicable to motorists who have committed serious vehicle code violations such as reckless driving, drunk driving, and several other serious charges. Public defenders are almost always provided only to those who can present proof of unemployment or low-income. Unless valid documents are presented, you will be required to hire the services of a traffic lawyer instead.

  • Private Traffic Lawyers

These lawyers work as member of private law firms and focus their expertise in handling traffic-related cases. Although most attorneys pay a premium for their services, you are guaranteed to get a strong defense against whatever case is filed against you, or if you are processing a claim from the third party at fault. When it comes to traffic court cases, you need a reliable professional that can help you win, and offer expert consultation throughout the entire process.

Guidelines when Hiring a Traffic Lawyer

  • Perform a thorough research before hiring a lawyer

Take your time in choosing a lawyer to work with. The possibility of you getting arrested or fined is near impossible, especially if you are facing a not-so-serious and manageable court case. You have 7 to 10 days to get a lawyer which is not only seasoned in dealing with traffic court cases, but also knows how to listen to his clients.

  • Always verify professional fee

Whether you have high or low chances of winning in court, you will need to first confirm the professional fee that your lawyer will charge you. Penalties or fines incurred will already be a burden to pay so make sure that you get a traffic lawyer that charges affordably as well.

  • Hire a local lawyer

Traffic lawyers who work in your city or state are mostly aware of the vehicle road legislation where you had the accident or violation. They know how to win your case as they already have a great defense on hand. In addition, local lawyers are already familiar with the idiosyncrasies and habits of judges as well as prosecutors who will handle your case.

It is true that most road vehicle violations are nothing out of the ordinary and are less serious making it unnecessary to feel stressed or confused. However, if your license is on the line or you may face possible jail time, you will need the expertise and efficiency of a good traffic lawyer to help you get out of a problem with minimal to no damage.


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